FSLI International
Vietnam Study Abroad
March 1 -13, 2018

Detailed Itinerary

Registration Link https://www.regonline.com/FSVietnam.

Purpose of Study Tour:
  • The study tour will provide an opportunity to engage with organizations and individuals leading change in a global setting.
  • The study tour will consist of group-directed and self-directed learning.
  • Participants will be able to dive into conversations that challenge leadership lessons that have been part of the FSLI program.
  • The study tour is an opportunity to grow competence, confidence, and connections in international programming.
  • The study tour is a chance to do something different, to move in areas outside normal comfort zones.
  • The study tour will permit you to bring ideas back to your institutions and communities to spark positive change in U.S. and in the world.

Goals and Objectives

    1) Increase an understanding of the factors affecting the global food system.
    2) Improve the appreciation for barriers that prevent economic sustainability and development.
    3) Expand the knowledge of the complexity in maintaining quality food and ensuring food safety.
    4) Enhance the awareness of the future of energy.
    5) Develop an understanding of how to elevate international programs as a priority within academic institutions.
    6) Strengthen cultural communication competency

Thanks for your help

We would like to extend gratitude for the help of our FSLI International Committee Members:

Brent Hales, University of Minnesota
Matthew Kuchan, Abbott
Schuyler Korban, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University
Nina Lilja, Kansas State University
Jess Lownberg-DeBoer, Purdue University
Dirk Maier, Iowa State University
Pradip Mukerji, Herbalife International
Gretchen Neisler, Michigan State University
Harriet Paul, Florida A & M State University

And a special thanks to Brent Hales and the University of Minnesota for helping to plan the itinerary and registration site.