Department of Forestry Mississippi State University

Professor and Head
Department of Forestry
Mississippi State University
Position Description:
The head is a full-time administrative position and reports to the Dean of the College of Forest Resources (CFR), the Director of the Forest and Wildlife Research Center (FWRC), and the Director of the Mississippi State University Extension Services (MSU-ES). The head provides visionary leadership for all aspects of the department’s current and future activities in teaching, research, extension, and service. The head is responsible for the administrative management, fostering teamwork among faculty, staff and students of the department by using appropriate communications, management methods, and organizational guidelines to develop, enable, implement and evaluate programs. The head fosters relationships and communication with other academic and center/institute heads on- and off-campus, other CFR/FWRC/MSU-ES/DAFVM administrators, and external stakeholders. The head is responsible for managing appropriated funds, extramural support as gifts, grants and/or contracts, allocating departmental resources, making timely decisions, delegating responsibility and motivating faculty and staff toward accomplishment of defined teaching, research and extension objectives, as well as other scholarly activities on- and off-campus.
Departmental Profile