Tips on Staying in Touch with your Team

Our first “Cooler Chat “was held on April 8th with the discussion around, “Tips on Staying in Touch with your Team”.

The link to the recording is  Here

The ideas that flowed from that theme were:
-Once a week meeting with the Provost.  A nice way to get the information early.
-Town Hall meeting for: Undergraduates to connect, Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students.
-Used Grub Hub to deliver lunch for researchers in the field
-Had a Zoom meeting that included Deans, Department Chairs all together
-Collected Stories on what worked and what did not and added to a webpage
-Had a Friday Social using a theme– example: “Post pictures of your pets” or “Share a recipe”
-Making a video to celebrate the end of the year. Including all students success and other stories.  Inviting all students, faculty, parents to view at the same time.  To experience it like graduation.
-Offering an “Incognito” online distant counseling system
-Offering Student drop-in hours to call in
-Virtual Decision Days; prospective students, parents and department
-Platforms that people are using include:  Microsoft Teams, Trello, Zoom

More ideas can be submitted to our FSLI Group Linkin page   Here

Articles with ideas for staying in touch are:

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