We are accepting applications for Cohort #19 for the Fall of 2023.

We are starting to take applications for the Fall of 2023 for Cohort 19.

Are you ready to join the next Cohort of Fellows to advance your leadership skills and become purpose-driven catalysts for the food system? If you are, see the instructions below. 

The cost for the two-year program is $24,000. This will cover all instruments taken, books, speaker fees, hotel lodging, and food during the three residential sessions.

An invoice will be sent out before the first Residential Session in the fall.  A limited amount of funds are available for need-based institutions to use as travel grants or program fees. If you are interested in a scholarship, please include that request on the nomination form.

“FSLI was a life changing experience. I am a different person after being a part of this group. Everyone in a leadership position deserves to be a part of this program.”
-FSLI Fellow

Application Instructions

  1. In order to open up an application file a member of your organization’s senior leadership must endorse your application to participate by completing the Nomination and Commitment to Support Form.
  2. Once we receive your endorsement, a link to the FSLI Application Form will be sent to you via email. This form must be completed and submitted along with a two page CV and a list of two of your colleagues to submit an evaluation for you. (Please do not use your nominator as an evaluator.)
  3. The two colleagues you have listed on your application will be notified by email to complete and submit an FSLI Evaluation Form for you.

All these completed forms will be submitted online.  The system will send you monthly status reports until your application is complete. After all your forms are submitted you will receive an email notice that your application is complete.  We will review your application on March 28th to determine acceptance.  You will receive an email of your acceptance after March 28th. 

Please check the “Session Schedule” page to find all dates for the Residential Sessions. 

If You Know Someone You Would Recommend

If there is someone you think should apply to the FSLI program, there is an FSLI Recommendation Form that can be filled out and sent via email to Sarah Kotziqan, Program Manager, (


If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact :

Sarah Kotzian

Program Manager