Making Plans for the Fall

This “Cooler Chat “was held on April 15th with the discussion around, “Making Plans for the Fall”.

The link to the recording is here

Simpson Scarborough Survey  is a survey of nearly 1100 current college students and college-bound high school seniors to measure the perceptions of how COVID-19 has affected their plans for attending college.

An article in Inside Higher Ed about reopening wisely

A Chronicle of Higher Education article “The Next Casualty of the Coronavirus Crisis May be the Academic Calendar

Boston University Coronavirus Plans Includes Possible January 2021 Reopening

The ideas that flowed from the discussion were:

-Are students coming back?-86% plan to return in the fall

-Some are eliminating all fees and just charging tuition for the summer programs

-Some expressed concern about faculty being exposed to COVID-19

-Some are adding more courses in the summer to help students who might want to take additional classes while they have more time.

-Some are offering graduate certificates to help enhance job opportunities

-They are providing accelerated masters programs

-Someone was concerned about labeling people non-essential

-There was concern about how to absorb operational costs in the future?

-Use seven and a half weeks online sessions to enable a delay in the start of the year.

-One idea was to front load the fall semester with lab sessions so if we need to go online later the labs are done

-Connect with professional societies to help with a better online lab experience

-Use virtual reality tools to get the lab experience

-Partner with the gaming community to get high resolution CT scans

-Virtual Campus Tours


More ideas can be submitted to our FSLI Group Linkin page   Here