News from July 10

The Chronicle explores how presidents from across sectors are promoting institutional stewardship and morale that drive institutions into the future. The webinar session on July 20th at 2pm EDT will focus on how leaders define their priorities, how they make decisions, and what shifts they see for higher education on the horizon.  Register Here


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How Great Leaders Set the Tempo of Change

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CDC: Minorities affected more in meatpacking outbreaks

Farmer sentiment rebounds amid COVID 19 concerns

ICE Releases Guidance for Foreign Students. Academe Erupts

An Optimist takes the helm at the National Science Foundation

Confronting Equity Issues on Campus: Implementing the Equity Scorecard in Theory and Practice ed. By Estela Bensimon, Lindsey Malcom

The Coming Fall Crisis

One University Asked Students for Social-Distancing Ideas. Here’s What they Proposed