News from July 17

USDA posts 2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee’s report
Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee Report
Beef and Pork Supply Chain Recovering
USDA farm assistance program
A casualty of Trump’s immigration policy: Millions of trees

Colleges Say Hybrid Courses Will Make the Fall a Success.  But Will Students Get the Worst of Both Worlds?
 The Pandemic Has Accelerated Demands for a More Skilled Work Force
 What would happen if students were asked to take the lead in conceiving and organizing their education during the pandemic?

Trump administration drops plan to deport international students in online-only classes

In our opinion: Now is the time to reinvent the American university

Trump Threatens Tax Exemption of Colleges


Leading an Institution Into the Future:
How are college leaders weighing operational and ethical questions, and engaging all campus stakeholders? Where are leaders finding opportunities for positive change?

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