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Congratulations to Bob Godfrey, Cohort 12

Bob Godfrey has been chosen as the Division Director for Animal System in the Institute of Food Production and Sustainability at the National Institute of...

Congratulations to Will Evans Cohort 16

Will Evans has been named Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Nursing and Health Professions at The University of Southern Mississippi...

Congratulations to Amy Grunden Cohort 13

Amy Grunden, a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Microbiology, from FSLI Cohort 13 has officially been named assistant director for the life sciences for...

Congratulations to Darrell Donahue Cohort 15

Food Systems Engineer, Darrell Donahue, named new dean of WVU’s Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design. See announcement here

Coping with COVID 19

Coping With COVID 19 Recording PPT Handout  

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication PPT and Recording Slides Link to recording Questions Commonly Asked in a Crisis Message Map Template Periodic Table for High Concern Communication

Roy Arnold Passes Away

Roy Arnold Oregon State University Provost Emeritus passed away September 22, 2019.  Roy was instrumental in the creation of the FSLI program.  He facilitated the...