Cohorts 12 (2016/2017) Conference Calls

We welcome your suggestions for conference call topics or guests. Because our time together at residential sessions is limited, these conference calls are an important means of offering leadership development opportunities around topics we were unable to include in face-to-face meetings.

The toll-free Dial-In Number for FSLI conference calls is:
The Conference ID is: 939-5930

First Year: October 2016 – June 2017
All call times are Eastern Time

Guest Date & Time Topic
Mark Balschweid,
Mary Beck,  Bob Houtz
October 31
1.00pm EDT
Mentoring: Hear from three Fellows from Cohort 11 who will share their experience in identifying great mentoring experiences (Recording)
Claudia Fernandez November 10
1.00pm EST
Setting successful goals for FSLI—an open coaching call and goal-primer
Rick Rochetti November 22
1.00pm EST
Organizational Systems Follow Up (Follow Up)
( Recording)
Claudia Fernandez December 13
1.00pm EST
Behavioral Event Interview
Mitch Owen, Mitchen, Inc. January 10
1.00pm EST
“Elusive Leadership TM” – Sustaining high performance against the odds.
Claudia Fernandez January 17
1.00pm EST
Adaptive Leadership: The Essential Primer
Alison Motsinger-Reif, Sean Hurley and Roger Rennekamp February 7 3.00pm EST Adaptive Leadership Book Discussion
Linda Tarr Whelan March 2
1.00pm EST
Women and Leadership
Robert Egger, DC Central Kitchen (and his new California project) April 6
1.00pm EDT
Non-profit connections, The Campus Kitchen project, etc.
Claudia Fernandez May 16
1.00pm EDT
Critical Thinking—avoiding thinking traps and how to teach the skills to others
Kelly Millenbah, Alan
Mathew, Dawn Mellion Patin
May 31
1.00pm EDT
“Influencer” Book Discussion

FSLI Conference Call Schedule
Cohort 12 Year 2

The toll-free Dial-In Number for FSLI conference calls is: 877-298-8255
The Conference ID is: 939-5930

Guest Date & Time Topic
Liz Snyder, Brian Farkas, Quentin Tyler September 22
1 pm EDT
Book Discussion on “Tribal Leadership”
Claudia Fernandez October 10
1 pm EDT
Perfect Persuasion—the art of being persuasive
Martin Baker, Baker & Associates LLC October 17
1 pm EDT
Executive Recruitment Process; Trends in the Changes of Leadership (Recording)
Marshall Stewart, University of Missouri November 21
2 pm EST
Preparing for the Interview
Jeff Hyde, Megan Terp and Andy
January 9
1 pm EST
Book Discussion on “Mojo” (Recording)
Roger Hall, Compass Consultation, Ltd January 23
11 am EST
Managing Stress (Recording)
Rob Miller, APLU/FSLI Commissioner February 6
1 pm EST
University/Industry Connections and Collaborations(Recording)
Susan Fritz, University of Nebraska April 19
1 pm EDT
Navigating the University System; Unique challenges as a woman. (Recording)
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