Speakers and Presentations – 2020

Residential Session #1: Virtual October

“Critical and High Stress Communications”, Vincent Covello
Handout- Periodic Table
“Reading the Tea Leaves”, Claudia Fernandez
“Peer Coaching”, Claudia Fernandez
“MBTI-Org Culture”, Claudia Fernandez
“CPI 260”, Mitch Owen
“Perfect Persuasion” , Claudia Fernandez
“Vigilant Leadership: Futuring: Anticipation & Action”, Bob Treadway
Fillable worksheet-Back-cast
Fillable worksheet-Implication Diagram

Residential Session #2: Columbus, OH

The Changing Dynamics of College Students Particularly Generation Z  Website   by: Corey Seemiller
The FIRO-B: Keying into Human Motivation  by: Claudia Fernandez
OSU Welcome  by Gary Pierzynski
Refreshing Our Role  by: Cathann A. Kress
Leading, Managing and Communicating in an Era of Certain-Uncertainty  by: Kwame Christian   Ted Talk    Podcasts
Leadership Success and Derailment  by: Claudia Fernandez
From Excellence to Eminence: Public-Private Partnerships  by Michael Papadakis
Managing Change and Leading with Empathy, Case Study  by Liv Gjestvang, Jessica Phillips and Grace Buchholz
Fundraising and Friendraising for Senior Leadership  by: Chris Delisio
Emotional Intelligence and Facing Tough Challenges  by Claudia Fernandez

Book Suggestions: 
Radical Candor by Kim Scott  website
Development for Academic Leaders  by: Penelepe C. Hunt
The Infinite Game by: Simon Sinek
How will you measure your life?  by: Clayton Christensen   

The “Spiral of Silence” Theory
Guide for Negotiation 
Talking Political Polarization 

Recordings for each day:

Residential Session #3: San Luis Obispo, CA