Speakers and Presentations – 2020/21

Residential Session #1: Virtual October

“Critical and High Stress Communications”, Vincent Covello
Handout- Periodic Table
“Reading the Tea Leaves”, Claudia Fernandez
“Peer Coaching”, Claudia Fernandez
“MBTI-Org Culture”, Claudia Fernandez
“CPI 260”, Mitch Owen
“Perfect Persuasion” , Claudia Fernandez
“Vigilant Leadership: Futuring: Anticipation & Action”, Bob Treadway
Fillable worksheet-Back-cast
Fillable worksheet-Implication Diagram

Residential Session #2: Virtual February

The Changing Dynamics of College Students Particularly Generation Z  Website   by: Corey Seemiller
The FIRO-B: Keying into Human Motivation  by: Claudia Fernandez
OSU Welcome  by Gary Pierzynski
Refreshing Our Role  by: Cathann A. Kress
Leading, Managing and Communicating in an Era of Certain-Uncertainty  by: Kwame Christian   Ted Talk    Podcasts
Leadership Success and Derailment  by: Claudia Fernandez
From Excellence to Eminence: Public-Private Partnerships  by Michael Papadakis
Managing Change and Leading with Empathy, Case Study  by Liv Gjestvang, Jessica Phillips and Grace Buchholz
Fundraising and Friendraising for Senior Leadership  by: Chris Delisio
Emotional Intelligence and Facing Tough Challenges  by Claudia Fernandez

Book Suggestions: 
Radical Candor by Kim Scott  website
Development for Academic Leaders  by: Penelepe C. Hunt
The Infinite Game by: Simon Sinek
How will you measure your life?  by: Clayton Christensen   

The “Spiral of Silence” Theory
Guide for Negotiation 
Talking Political Polarization 

Recordings for each day:

Residential Session #3: Virtual June

“How to Build a Better Food System” by: Ricardo Salvador, Union of Concerned Scientists

“Feedback Exercise” by: Claudia Fernandez, FSLI

Part I  Here

Part II Here

“Advanced Communication” by: Claudia Fernandez, FSLI
The Culture of Communication Skills Training
Bridging S-N Skills Training
Communication Compass Skills Training
Selling Tips
Z Problem Solving

“FourSight Debrief” by: Ruben Fernandez, We Train Leaders

“The Perception of Science Denialism May be Off-target” by: Roxie Beck

Articles mentioned during the presentations:

Indigenous affairs

Abundance Doesn’t mean Health  By Mark Bittman

Guest Blog: The Case for Community Food Utilities

The BBC’s The Food Chain podcast where I heard a great session on America’s Food Apartheid…
Link for BBC’s Food Chain Podcast

Cost of Being

Fort Valley 4H Village Garden

Netflix Series…High on the Hog

Profound Significance of ‘High on the Hog’

African American’s connections to the land. Land of the Free: Natalie Baszile. 
Schomburg Center Literary Festival.  Here

Union of Concerned Scientists Articles
Growing Economies

Purchasing Power

Market Forces

Residential Session #1: NC October 2021

Organizational Systems Thinking”, Rick Rocchetti
“Negotiating for Success”, Ruben Fernandez
“ToPs Session”, Claudia Fernandez
Viewing the Food System through Another Lens“,

Residential Session #2: Columbus, OH

“Influencer Workshop”  Claudia Fernandez
Leading Change in Higher Education: Lessons from the Field”  Roger Rennekamp
TKI Debrief”  Claudia Fernandez
6 Sources of Influence
Accountability Worksheet
Centralization vs Decentralization
TKI Training

Maturation of Discovery ThemesDorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska
Conducting Difficult Conversations”  Mitch Owen

Residential Session #3: Pismo Beach, CA

Industry Bus Tour” Cohort 15/16
“Innovation and Systems Thinking Leading Change”  Carol Reilly
CSI Debrief

Welcome and introduction to CA Agriculture and Cal PolyAndy Thulin
“Illegal Immigration Is Down, Changing the Face of California Farms”
Leadership in a Changing Global Food and Beverage EconomyBill Newlands
Automating the CA Strawberry Industry”  John Lin
Water Policy, Issues and Future in California”  Randy Record

“California Global Food and Agriculture Economy”  Karen Ross
California’s Complex Agriculture Policy Landscape”  Dennis Albiani
Grimmway Farms: The Past and The Future”  Jeff Huckaby
Warning: Demographic Gale Force Winds Ahead!”  Jim Johnson