Rethinking Who We Are

This “Cooler Chat “was held on April 15th with the discussion around, “Rethinking who we are”.

The link to the recording is here

Articles of interest

Financial Implications and Planning

In Search for Economic Answers, Look to Lincoln, FDR for Clues

We’re on the edge of the precipice’: How the pandemic could shatter college dreams


A summary of thoughts from the webinar

-Extension can be a high point of university engagement in a variety of activities

-This can be a time to build upon new things to try

-Faculty are doing things they never thought of before.

-This moving everything online forced faculty who did not want to teach online to learn how to.

-Some have seen the benefit of a hybrid classroom

-Look closely at courses and identify ones we can do better

-Collegiality is coming back.

-We might look at other universities and other institutions to contract with other faculty to collaborate on teaching classes

-We can use this as a teachable moment in current events: What happens in the Food System when things shut down.

-Issues with Faculty Hires and graduate students getting visas


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