University of Maryland, College Park: Associate Provost for Community Engagement Position

The University of Maryland invites nominations and applications for the position of Associate Provost for Community Engagement.

As leader of the Center for Community Engagement and a member of the Provost’s Senior Staff, the Associate Provost will provide strategic vision for UMD community engagement, ensuring community engagement is woven into the very fabric, values and identity of the institution, working with an advisory board of engaged leaders, faculty, staff and students. Central among these efforts will be amplifying and supporting community-engaged research, and community-engaged teaching and learning. The Associate Provost will oversee and lead an office staff that provides training, development and logistical support for faculty integrating service-learning and civic engagement into their courses and academic programs. The Center for Community Engagement, under the Associate Provost’s leadership will work to integrate community engagement into reward and recognition systems, ensure coordination and communications about community engagement campus-wide and through external relations, develop and support strategic partnerships in the City of College Park, Riverdale, Lakeland, Hyattsville, Langley Park and Adelphi communities as well as through state, national and global partnerships. Finally, the Associate Provost will work with their staff to develop data systems, assessment processes, and metrics to track community engagement impact.

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