Cohort 12 Project Summaries

“Collegewide First Year Program”

Derek Aday
North Carolina State University

“Establishment of a “Center of Excellence” Among Multiple Institutions”

John Beasley
Auburn University

Impact Statement

“Integration of all State Experiment Stations into beef research program”

John Blanton Jr.
Mississippi State University

“Convening of 1862 land grant institution diversity officers”

Theressa Cooper
Iowa State University

“Develop a self-sustaining recruitment tool for Food Science at Purdue University”

Brian E. Farkas
Purdue University

“Become a financially sustainable organization with strong ties to supporting organizations”

Gerald Holmes
California Polytechnic State University

Impact Statement

“Development of Cloud Computing Capabilities for Research in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences at the California Polytechnic State University”

Sean Hurley
California Polytechnic State University

Impact Statement

“Strategy for Recruitment and Hiring for Penn State Extension”

Jeffrey Hyde
Pennsylvania State University

“Strengthening MSU Extension’s Urban Presence”

David Ivan
Michigan State University

Impact Statement

Gary Jackson
Mississippi State University

“Transformational change by engaging alumni, stakeholders, and clientele in your mission”

Andy Kouba
Mississippi State University

“Leading the U of A Horticulture Department in Developing a Curriculum for the Next Generation of Students and the Development of an Assessment Plan to Continuously Improve and Meet Future Student Needs”

Wayne Mackay
University of Arkansas

“Facilitating a strategic plan for the Department that infuses climate, inclusion and diversity as core elements/values”

Alan G. Mathew
Purdue University

“Improving Teaching Evaluations and Curricular Performance in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University”

Kelly F. Millenbah
Michigan State University

Impact Statement

“Evaluate the challenges in interdisciplinary research at NCSU”

Alison Motsinger-Reif
North Carolina State University

Impact Statement

“Creating a Culture of Assessment: Collaborative Development of a Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan for the Department of Human Ecology at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore”

Grace Namwamba
University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“Partnerships for Promoting Health and Wellness”

Roger Rennekamp
Ohio State University

Impact Statement

“The Alaska Food Research, Enterprise, and Sustainability Hub (AK FRESH)”

Liz Snyder
University of Alaska Anchorage

Megan Terp
Abbott Nutrition

“The Role of Extension in Disasters”

Mike Yoder
North Carolina State University

Impact Statement