Cohort 11 Projects

“Identifying How We Can Attract and Retain Effective Extension Employees”

Jenna Anding
Texas A&M University

Impact Statement

“Mississippi Poultry in the Farm to School Program”

Mary M. Beck
Mississippi State University

Impact Statement

“Assessing the Student Diversity Climate at Oklahoma State University”

Cynda R. Clary
Oklahoma State University

Impact Statement

Geoffrey E. Dahl
University of Florida

“Meeting the Needs of Students and Stakeholders: Increasing Student Access and Admissions”

John Dole
North Carolina State University

Impact Statement

“Public Information Initiative: A University/Industry Collaboration on Agricultural and Food Communications, Issues, and Research”

Leslie D. Edgar
University of Arkansas

Impact Statement

“Creation of an Effective Formal and Informal Mentoring Process for Junior Faculty Members”

David Gerrard
Virginia Tech

“Development of an Online MS Program in Food Science and Technology”

David A. Golden
University of Tennessee

“Develop, Implement and Evaluate a New Program Development Committees (PDC) Initiative”

Gregg Hadley
Kansas State University

“The Black Belt Marketing Innovation Center: Building Sustainable & Collaborative Partnerships – One Brick at a Time”

Tasha M. Hargrove
Tuskegee University

Impact Statement

“A Review of Department Faculty Mentoring Efforts at NC State University”

Jay F. Levine
North Carolina State University

Impact Statement

“Plan for the Integration of Two Food Safety Centers”

Jianghong Meng
University of Maryland

Impact Statement

“Create an Academy Focused on Global Food Animal Systems”

Jack Odle
North Carolina State University

Impact Statement

“Development and Implementation of a Strategic Plan to Increase the Number of Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds at the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine”

Carlos A. Risco
University of Florida

Impact Statement

“Ensuring Quality Improvement in Nutrition Care Process for Hospitalized Patients”

Christina Sherry
Abbott Nutrition

Impact Statement

“Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans for Selected Academic Programs in a College of Agriculture”

George Wardlow
University of Arkansas

Impact Statement

“Increasing Impact of International Engagements”

Alex Winter-Nelson
University of Illinois

Impact Statement

“Advancing the Visibility and Impact of Research at the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources”

Eric Wommack
University of Delaware

“Developing an Accessible and Affordable Pipeline of Rural, Large-Animal Veterinarians”

Henry Zerby
Ohio State University

Impact Statement