Cohort 3 Projects

It Is All About Change!

The Food Systems Leadership Institute’s individual projects for the 3rd Cohort vary from institutions and Fellows.
However, common themes of change exist and are addressed by a variety of projects. Some basic questions are addressed about agriculture in our land-grant universities. Do we need to change the culture? Assuming that we do what are the outcomes we hope to achieve? Why is changing hard? What are the penalties for not changing or at least addressing new
and immerging issues?

The projects fall into five general categories: Agricultural image (including the Green Movement, both domestic and international), curriculum and program audits, fund raising (developmental activities), testing and learning experiences,
and unit assessment and accountability including incorporation of a new business model with global impacts.

Fellows from the 3rd Cohort understand organizational change. They know that all organizations must constantly be assessed, methods and programs adjusted and to stay on course with the shared embraced mission statement changes
may need to be made. The identity of an Institution is defined by its culture as it relates to shared beliefs and practices. Changing the culture may or may not be justified, needed or even desired. In order to change the culture an evaluation
of the overall mission statement is needed. Is it still relative? Has outside influences and conditions resulted in a
reevaluation of the institutions mission statement? How are changes in globalization impacting the units we lead?

The following project summaries define the issue, tell what has been done, notes possible impacts and funding sources for
the project, and list cooperators, partners and/or mentors. Throughout all projects, Fellows incorporate various core competencies identified for success as they have become more influential within their organization. More detailed
information on each project can be obtained by contacting the project Fellow listed.

Jo Britt-Rankin, University of Missouri
MU Extension Fee Generation Policy

Tim Cross, University of Tennessee
UT Institute of Agriculture and UT Knoxville: Reaffirmation of an Effective Structure

Faye Dong, University of Illinois
Curriculum Assessment in a Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Jonathan Edelson, Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University-Review & Recommendations for Regional Research & Extension Centers and Stations

Richard Griffin, Prairie View A & M University
“Recreation-Education-Exhibition Program”

Parker Hall, Campbell Soup Company
“Improvement of Cross-functional Communication and Alignment in Order to Deliver Identified Business Objectives”

Steve Hanson, Michigan State University
“Aligned Scholarship and Engagement”

CY Hu, University of Hawaii
“Summer Study Program for our Chinese Sister Universities”

Nancy Irlbeck, Colorado State University
“Live Green Community-Adding the AG into Sustainability”

Pete Jacoby, Washington State University
“Extension Issue-focused Teams”

Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont
“Food Systems Research and Education in Vermont and Beyond”

James Lowenberg-Deboer, Purdue University
“International Engagement for Land Grant Universities in the 21st Century”

Don Marshall, South Dakota State University
“Development of a Professional Sciences Master’s Program in Agriculture & Biological Sciences at South Dakota State University”

M. Ray McKinnie, North Carolina A & T University
“Visiting Scholar, Michigan State University-College of Agriculture and Natural Resources”

William Benjy Mikel, Mississippi State University
“Leading Change in the Division of Agriculture’s Food Science Institute”

Mike Mullen, University of Kentucky
“Creating a Climate of Assessment in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture”

Shiretta Ownbey, Oklahoma State University
“Assessment for Program Improvement”

Sam Pardue, North Carolina State University
“Establishment of a Poultry Science Consortium”

Pamela Price, Abbott Laboratories
“Developing Efficiencies During Globalization of Abbott Nutrition

Denise Smith, The Ohio State University
“Partnership between Central Ohio Technical College and the Ohio State University to develop a Culinary Science degree program”

Ora Spann, South Carolina State University

Eric Young, Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Director
“New Deans, Directors, Administrators, and National Program Leaders Orientation Workshop”

Lydia Zepeda, University of Wisconsin-Madison