Cohort 17 Webinars

Cohort 17 Webinars
First Year: October 2021 – June 2022
All times are Eastern Time

Zoom ID:  TBA

Guest Date & Time Topic
Claudia Fernandez November 3
1:00 PM EST
Setting successful goals for FSLI—an open coaching call and goal-primer
Rick Roccetti November 9
1:00 PM EST
Organizational Systems Follow Up
Cohort 16 Fellows Lynette Flage and Don Grebnor November 29
1:00 pm EST
Mentoring: Hear from two Fellows from Cohort 16 who will share their mentoring experiences
Mitch Owen, Mitchen, Inc. January 14 1:00pm EST “Elusive Leadership TM” – Sustaining high performance against the odds.
Claudia Fernandez December 14
1:00pm EST
Behavioral Event Interview
Mike Castellano, Linda Prokopy and George Smith January TBD “Ten Years to Midnight” Book Discussion
Claudia Fernandez January 25
1:00pm EST
Adaptive Leadership: The Essential Primer
Kristen Kirkpatrick, Dean Kopsell and Janine Woods February TBD “Adaptive Leadership” Book Discussion
Claudia Fernandez March 22
1:00PM EST
Critical Thinking–avoiding thinking traps adn how to teach teh skills to others
Mitch Owen, Mitchen, Inc. TBD “Elusive Leadership TM” – Sustaining high performance against the odds.
Cohort 17 Fellows TBD “Influencer” Book Discussion