Speakers and Presentations – 2021/22

Residential Session #1: Raleigh NC

Ten Years to Midnight“, Blair Sheppard
“Reading the Tea Leaves”, Claudia Fernandez
MBTI”, Claudia Fernandez
“CPI 260”, Mitch Owen
360 Feedback“, Claudia Fernandez
“Negotiating for Success”, Ruben Fernandez
Organizational Systems Thinking”, Rick Rocchetti
Viewing the Food System through Another Lens” 
“Peer Coaching”, Claudia Fernandez
“Mentoring Session”, Ken Esbenshade
“Vigilant Leadership: Futuring: Anticipation & Action”, Bob Treadway

MBTI: Z Problem Solving, Bridging S-N Skills, Communication Compass, MBTI Selling Tips, MBTI Type an Stress, Culture of Communication
Peer Coaching:  Barkai Chorus, Peer Coaching exercise


Residential Session #2: Columbus, OH

Welcome and Re-AcquaintanceSam Pardue
OSU WelcomeGary Pierzynski
“Leadership Insights”  Cathie Woteki
From Excellence to Eminence: Public-Private Partnerships”  Michael Papadakis
The FIRO-B”: Keying into Human Motivation”  Claudia Fernandez
Leadership Success and DerailmentClaudia Fernandez
“Academic Leadership from the Perspective of a Provost”  Melissa Gilliam
Refreshing Our Role”  Cathann A. Kress
Fundraising and Friend-raising for Senior Leaders”  Sara Rubin and Cathann A. Kress
Emotional Intelligence and Facing Tough Challenges”   Claudia Fernandez
“Managing Change and Leading with Empathy, Case Study”  Jessica Phillips
Leading Change in Higher Education: Lessons from the Field”  Roger Rennekamp
Critical & High Stress Communications”  Vincent Covello
Conducting Difficult Conversations”  Mitch Owen

Residential Session #3: CA