Cohort 13 Summaries

“Establish the new program for STEM students called ‘Leadership and Excellence by Tuskegee University Students (LET US) Academy'”

Olga Bolden-Tiller
Tuskegee University

“Patterns of Enrollment in Undergraduate Entomology Programs: Implications for Increasing Undergraduate Enrollment in Entomology Programs”

Jacob Bowman
University of Delaware

“Designing and Implementing a More Proactive Integrated Food Safety System for MS”

Ashli Brown
Mississippi State University

“Strategic positioning and master planning for Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory (WANRL)”

Graham Cochran
Ohio State University

“Promoting diversity and inclusivity in a college of agriculture”

John Cranfield
University of Guelph

“Comprehensive evaluation and revision of graduate division academic policies and procedures”

David Fernandez
University of Arkansas

“Developed and sponsored the “Gender Gap and Its Future Impact on the Agriculture Industry” conference held April 9, 2019, Indianapolis, IN”

Marcos Fernandez
Purdue University

“Enhancing Community College Student Access to Baccalaureate Degrees in Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and the Environment”

Bryan Garton
University of Missouri

“Creating Novel Funding Streams for the Graduate Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Program at Iowa State University”

Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
Iowa State University

“Lead the development and confirmation of new governance documents for the College”

Terry Niblack
Ohio State University

“Designing New Sustainability Research Farm”

Vara Prasad
Kansas State University

“Revision of academic outcomes for IFT approval of Food Science programs”

Bob Roberts
Pennsylvania State University

“Development of a technical learning program”

Clint Rowe
Perdue Foods

Impact Statement

“Business Case for Nutrition Registry enabled by Digital Technology”

Katie Thrush
Abbott Nutrition

“Student Outcomes in preparatory math courses: a collaborative approach to identifying barriers and solutions”

Anne Veeger
University of Rhode Island

Impact Statement

“Relocation of UNL Dairy Store”

Curt Weller
University of Nebraska

“Developing practices to cultivate a climate of diversity and inclusiveness”

Hazel Wetzstein
Purdue University

Impact Statement

“Development of Food Safety & Sanitation Education Programs for Farmers and the Food Manufacturing Industry in West Tennessee”

Todd Winters
University of Tennessee