Cohort 10 Projects

“Plan for Establishing California Food Systems Institute”

Gour Choudhury
California Polytechnic State University

“Harnessing the Power of the Land Grant System for Innovative Global Graduate Education”

Shawn Donkin
Purdue University

“A strategic plan for the Department of Youth, Family, and Consumer Sciences”

Carolyn Dunn
North Carolina State University

Impact Statement

“Revising Project Evaluation and Budget Guidelines for the Evans Allen Program”

Valerie L. Giddings
North Carolina A&T State University

“Innovative Funding for Growth of Cooperative Extension”

Edwin Jones
Virginia Tech

“Increasing the Scope and scale of K-State International Agricultural Research”

Nina Lilja
Kansas State University

“Preparing Young People to Step Up and Lead in a Complex, Global World”

Ina Metzger Linville
University of Missouri

“A Synthesis of Diversity/Social Justice Courses/Initiatives across Colleges and Schools of Agriculture throughout Land-Grant System”

Pamala V. Morris
Purdue University

Impact Statement

“Beyond Farm to Fork: Integrative Food Systems Study”

Michelle Rodgers
University of Delaware

“A New Professional Development Model for the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Marketing and Communications Staff”

Ryan Schmiesing
Ohio State University

“Agriculture Research and Education Center (AgREC)”

Jurgen Schwarz
University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“NCSU F.A.R.M. (Food, Agriculture, Research, & Management) Education”

Todd See
North Carolina State University